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WorldFlash turns information into a corporate asset as it delivers relevant information to the right person at the right time.

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Intra CPS™

Reduce the cost and difficulty of distributing corporate information and alerts.

Maintain an ongoing communication channel with employees.

Improve the rate of intelligent and immediate response to new information.

Send a cohesive message and ensure that everyone has access to crirical information.

Improve response rate to crisis situations.

Effectively communicate product news, new policies and company initiatives.

Enhance the value of existing corporate information systems.

Empower decision makers to swiftly respond to changing business conditions.

Reduce the nag cycle to elicit a response
to ongoing administrative messages.

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WorldFlash Intra CPS™ WorldFlash Intra CPS™
Business to Employee Communication

Gain a competitive edge through rapid and targeted distribution of the latest relevant business information and breaking news alerts

WorldFlash Intra CPS streamlines the absorption of information across separate sites, divisions and business units. It enables employees to swiftly act in response to changing business conditions, and to make better use of information to achieve successful results. For administrators, it is a tool to send proactive messages that are visible and illicit a positive response. The Intelligent Agent that powers our products ties in to existing content viewing and publishing rights and continuasly seeks and delivers new corporate information to the right employee at the right time.

Organizations that use traditional communication methods such as email and voicemail often report a less than optimal result when attempting to reach employees with news and strategy initiatives. Busy employees often ignore emails and save voicemails for a later time. The relevant content that is available through the corporate portals and other corporate information systems is underutilized by overextended employees, who log on to the information source on a need-to-know basis, hoping to complete a specific task. The result has a significant bottom line impact, as employees work without assimilating new corporate information, company news, organizational priorites and operation plans. Sophisticated information systems are underutilized, and do not achieve their intended contribution to productivity and success.

Eliminate the knowledge gap with a custom corporate communication channel
WorldFlash Intra CPS gives administrators a tool to effortlessly ensure timely dissimination of corporate information in the form of headlines and alerts. Relevant information reaches employees while they work on running applications and maintain a productive workflow. Information delivery is based on existing content publishing and viewing rights. Best of all, the small client side agent aggregates data from multiple sources without hindering the corporate bandwidth, or the user's CPU.

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Information is a key corporate asset Information is a key corporate asset

Proactive and targeted delivery of information and breaking news alerts from internal sources such as the company's portal, ERP, CRM and other internal content sources.

Broadcasting your message is as easy as can be Broadcasting your message is as easy as can be

Type in your message, customize the time for publication, specify the recipients and hit enter. Your message will scroll along side the headlines, or appear as a pop-up alert.

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