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WorldFlash turns information into a corporate asset as it delivers relevant information to the right person at the right time.

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Intra CPS™

Stay competitive in a world that is fueled by changing information.

Receive the latest news about competitors and other industry events - factors that can affect your success.

Be the first to know the latest news about your clients and your client's industry.

Improve the rate of intelligent and immediate response to new information.

Send a cohesive message and ensure that everyone has access to critical information.

Improve response rate to crisis situations.

Empower decision makers to swiftly respond to changing business conditions.

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WorldFlash Intra CPS™ WorldFlash Intra CPS™
Business Intelligence

WorldFlash Intra CPS provides instant accessibility to hundreds of the most prestigious vertical content sources, serving a wide range of industries with an assembly of vertical content choices that are distilled into an unobtrusive stream of data.

A dedicated, high priority internal information feed to broadcast dynamic information from the Intranet alongside external content sources. WorldFlash Intra CPS enables IT personnel to send relevant streams of information to employees, making sure that branches in separate locations receive the same information on a real-time basis, promoting our client's ability to maintain cohesive policies and initiatives globally. The CPS platform proactively ensures that associates receive the right information through a clear and unobtrusive delivery method.

A leading global retailer with a significant presence in the global market chose WorldFlash Software as the most effective business intelligence tool for the company’s top strategic decision makers. Prior to discovering WorldFlash, the executives of this notable company spent two years looking for an efficient information tool to gather relevant information from external sources and help them stay informed of the latest news that are relevant to their industry. The version that was created for this organization was specifically designed for the company’s CEO and top executives.

  • Continual monitoring and delivery of fresh headlines and breaking news alerts from a customized list of industry specific content sources, resulting in a complete coverage industry sectors
  • Ongoing news about competitors and key executives in the market segment
  • Fresh information about transactions and other notable press releases by key players in your industry.
  • Comprehensive financial information about the key participants in a vertical industry
  • Coverage of trends, commodities and other factors that can influence your organization's long term success.
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Information is a key corporate asset Information is a key corporate asset

From distinguished publications, to influential blogger notes. If the information is relevant, WorldFlash Intra CPS can deliver it to the right person at the right time.

Broadcasting your message is as easy as can be Broadcasting your message is as easy as can be

Type in your message, customize the time for publication, specify the recipients and hit enter. Your message will scroll along side the headlines, or appear as a pop-up alert.

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