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WorldFlash turns information into a corporate asset as it delivers relevant information to the right person at the right time.

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Intra CPS™

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Turning information into a profitable asset Turning information into a profitable asset
Our enterprise application improves the ROI of communication,
content aggregation, content delivery and content viewing in
the corporate network.

WorldFlash Intra CPS™ is a desktop-based solution that automates the process of communicating dynamic information through sophisticated parsing techniques that map and analyze the structure of web-enabled pages.

The powerful client-side intelligent agent for the enterprise environment provides an easy-to-use platform to communicate alerts, content, company initiatives and related information in a targeted manner within an organization. In organizations with a portal, WorldFlash Intra CPS is programmed to highlight targeted sections and provide a desktop element that connects each employee to the portal in a targeted manner. For organizations without a portal, WorldFlash Intra CPS provides instant accessibility to hundreds of the most prestigious vertical content sources, serving a wide range of industries with an assembly of vertical content choices that are distilled into an unobtrusive stream of data.

Need a dedicated, high-priority internal information feed to broadcast dynamic information from the Intranet alongside external content sources? WorldFlash Intra CPS enables IT personnel to send relevant streams of information to employees, making sure that branches in separate locations receive the same information on a real-time basis, promoting our client's ability to maintain cohesive policies and initiatives globally. The CPS platform proactively ensures that associates receive the right information through a clear and unobtrusive delivery method.

Incorporated within WorldFlash Intra CPS is the WorldFlash Tracker - an information management program that creates reports on information usage and distribution across the enterprise, thus ensuring full management of the ROI of information.

To complete the communication loop we provide the tools to track and measures the way employees respond to information. The resulting data reflects what associates read and what needs to be communicated through additional means of communication. The back-end reporting system can be managed by the subscribing client or by WorldFlash Software.

[fig.1: sample of customized CPS main toolbar display]        

Using WorldFlash Intra does not require dedicated servers or full-time technical positions to incorporate and manage. The control of the information flow and accessibility is specified by the IT department. Accessibility options and adding or eliminating content sources is flexible and can be changed at any time.

The CPS platform seamlessly handles audio and video data, text messages, news alerts, and all other pertinent corporate and industry specific information.

Use WorldFlash Intra CPS to promote products, company initiatives, task specific information, pricing updates and information about competing companies.


Adjusting itself to the changing needs of individual users and the corporate environment, the corporate agent operates in three modes.

Ticker Mode- A continual scrolling ticker on the top or bottom of the screen. Beautifully packaged with outstanding customizable options for users to control the color, look and feel of their personal agent. Ticker presentation offers the option of anywhere from 1-4 scrolling panes.

Hidden mode, quietly gathering information - Minimized to the tray, operating quietly in the background, sifting and sorting through the necessary data and than placing data links, along with user relevant headlines on a full page to be viewed at a convenient time.

Alert mode- Sends internal administration alerts. Also alerts employees about the availability of relevant internal and external headlines, industry specific news, "hot topics" and new email messages. Users can instruct WorldFlash Intra to place alert items on a full page for viewing at a convenient time.

Switching the program mode is a clear and simple process.

Business intelligence

WorldFlash Intra CPS comes complete with a robust alert system. The alert mechanism comes with a two-tier control level. One for administrative alerts, and one for the use of the end user. Alerts are used to highlight "Hot topics", industry specific news, new email messages and more.

The key word feature is initially customized by for the MIS department. Later on, each employee can add personally selected key words to track relevant information.

Customize the search feature to connect with internal search engines. Use this feature to provide an immediate access to client history, policy, financial documentation, email directory, archives, yellow pages - or any internal and external information that is stored in web enabled databases.

Choose a vertical list of external content sources or alternatively, disable external feeds and establish a customized connection to the portal.

Instruct WorldFlash CPS to save all relevant headlines on a full page for viewing at a convenient time.

Gathering information from the corporate portal, WorldFlash Intra CPS broadcasts targeted financial, operational, investment, and sales data in a single stream.

Buttons with a quick link to strategic corporate locations or WWW links are added to the title bar of the ticker.

WorldFlash Intra CPS screens and alerts employees about new Email messages. New message sender and subject scroll along side the regular headlines, helping distinguish substance from Spam.

                          [fig 2: sample output showing custom internal news sources]

WorldFlash Intra CPS knows how to read any dynamically generated Web page and monitor information sources for specified information formats in regular programmable intervals. It delivers the resulting data in a customized manner to the requesting desktop. It also learns about the requesting user, utilizing data mining capabilities to provide a clear illustration of the interests of the audience and their interaction with content. This function, coupled with a database, will enable the agent to develop an overall statistical reflection of users and their content preferences.

 WorldFlash Intra CPS works with consideration to efficient
 bandwidth management and without taxing or modifying
 the existing network.
 WorldFlash Intra CPS works with consideration to efficient
 bandwidth management and without taxing or modifying
 the existing network.
WorldFlash is the new way to instantly reach employees at every level and in any location. Empower your workforce as you automatically send updates on products, pricing promotions, and changing market conditions.

In the sector of client-side information systems, our solution offers the richest selection of customization options both for the administrator and end user.

Contact us now to find out how a WorldFlash Intra CPS technology solution can be crafted for your organization!

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